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Vaadin Google Analytics Tracker
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Google Analytics Tracker extension for Vaadin 7

Google Analytics is a JavaScript based tracking service for websites. With this widget you can track any application events using a simple API. The Vaadin 7 version also supports Navigator API for automatic reporting.

Sample application

GoogleAnalyticsTracker class is used as an extension to Vaadin UI class. It can be also be bound to the Navigator to allow automatic tacking of View changes.

Full demo source code available here.

public class GoogleAnalyticsTrackerDemo extends UI {
    protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {

        // Create a tracker for domain.
        GoogleAnalyticsTracker tracker = new GoogleAnalyticsTracker(

        // attach the GA tracker to this UI

        // simple view navigator sample
        Navigator n = new Navigator(this, this);
        n.addView("", MainView.class);
        n.addView("second", SecondView.class);
        n.addView("third", ThirdView.class);

        // attach the tracker to the Navigator to automatically track all views
        // To use the tracker without the Navigator, just call the
        // tracker.trackPageview(pageId) separately when tracking is needed.

        // Alternatively you can use trackPageview
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