EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE code for "Bolt-on Causal Consistency" appearing in SIGMOD 2013
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This repository contains code used to produce the results in "Bolt-on
Causal Consistency" by Peter Bailis, Ali Ghodsi, Joseph
M. Hellerstein, and Ion Stoica, appearing in SIGMOD 2013.

Towards the goal of openness in science, this code is licensed under
the terms of CRAPL v0 BETA 1 (CRAPL-LICENSE.txt) and The Apache
License Version 2.0 (APACHE-LICENSE.txt). The goal of this code
release is full disclosure and *not* architectural elegance, good
design, or good coding practices. This code is not remotely
production-ready and is fairly ugly in many places. Anyone considering
use of this technology should read Section 7 of the paper and/or
contact the authors for more details/consultation.

Please contact pbailis@cs.berkeley.edu for any questions.