Experimental prototype code for "Highly Available Transactions: Virtues and Limitations" in VLDB 2014
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This repository contains code for "Highly Available Transactions:
Virtues and Limitations" by Peter Bailis, Aaron Davidson, Alan Fekete,
Ali Ghodsi, Joseph M. Hellerstein, and Ion Stoica in VLDB 2014.

This is not production ready and is not intended for production
use. This code is fairly ugly in places and sometimes incomplete and
is provided in the spirit of the CRAPL license below.

As of 2013, we are planning to release a simpler reference
implementation for MAV/"Read Atomic" isolation in the future. This
code serves as documentation for the above paper and is indeed the
original software used to produce the results in the above

[EDIT (April 2014):
   You can find details on our next-generation MAV isolation
   work in a SIGMOD 2014 paper titled
   "Scalable Atomic Visibility with RAMP Transactions":

Please contact pbailis@cs.berkeley.edu for any questions.

Towards the goal of openness in science, this code is licensed under
the terms of CRAPL v0 BETA 1 (CRAPL-LICENSE.txt) and The Apache
License Version 2.0 (APACHE-LICENSE.txt).