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icetbr commented Mar 1, 2012

Hi, I'm trying to display scrollbars but there seems to be a problem with the way translate/margin works. The scrollbar will shrink and grow, but never change its position.

It's easy to see in the EasyScroller demo (http://zynga.github.com/scroller/demo/easyscroller.html) by setting overflow:scroll in the #container element.

I tried to use a Jquery-UI slider by updating its position on the "render" function, but I could not get the smooth animation to work (acceleration/deceleration).

So, I would like to suggest inclusion of (auto-hidden) scrollbars. I think it's a good idea specially for long texts, where you want to know how long it is and how you're progressing towards finishing it. In my case, it's useful because I'm using a 10-20x the screen size horizontal/vertical content.

icetbr commented Mar 1, 2012

BTW, I already have a working solution for this, maybe not too elegant. Just wanted to see this as a feature here.


Scrollbars would mean a ui feature. The scroller itself is completely non-ui. This means that this feature is not in the range of features we like to include in the scroller. I would be happy to include a demo with scrollbars though.

@swernerx swernerx closed this May 21, 2012
icetbr commented May 23, 2012

I forgot about that. Anyway it would be nice to see in a demo, not a priority for me though. Thanks.

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