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Tic Tac Toe with Scribbler

Final project located in finalPrj directory

Installation of Speech Recognition Library

Summary Play tic tac toe with the scribbler robot via voice input.

To make a move, simply state where on the board you want to go (eg 'top left'), or you can give it a position relative to the robot (eg above and to the right of the robot). You can also make your move a full sentence and the robot will understand you, and if you say more than one command it will take the last one you said. The robot can be addressed as 'bot', 'robot', 'Mario' and 'Theo'. If you want a break, when giving your command, say that you want to hear some music and the Mario theme song will play.


  • Easy = random moves
  • Medium = will try to block you if you can win, but won't try to win
  • Hard = will try to win and will block you