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For the latest changes, please visit:
o v1.3.0 (2017.04.18)
- fix issues with extended characters in current user directory
- drop Windows XP and Vista support
o v1.2.5 (2016.01.22)
- fix possible crash when deleting the self signing private key
- fix detection of modified file during embedding
- add USB Serial (CDC) driver installation (Courtesy of Sensics, Inc.)
- add Arm support provision for WinUSB inf (and remove Itanium support)
- use SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 where possible
- report an error when Windows Update is disabled
- update solution to Visual Studio 2015
- remove unmaintained inf-wizard sample
o v1.2.4 (2014.11.30)
- fix multiple potential NULL derefs
- fix a Zadig crash when listing devices
- upgrade solution files for Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition
- update the list of known Android devices
- add support for AMD USB 3.0 hub driver
- improve error reporting and external DLL handling
o v1.2.3 (2014.02.05)
- allow spaces and commas in paths and names used for installation
- don't redefine boolean but use BOOL, so that C++ apps can properly invoke libwdi
- add support for additional xHCI controllers (Intel, VIA...)
- add timeout for pending installations in wdi_options_install_driver
- use Google's Device Interface GUID for Android devices
- major improvements to Zadig
o v1.2.2 (2012.09.19)
- more Clang static-analyzer fixes
- WDK/OACR fixes
- other bugfixes
- Add KMDF v1.11 and Windows Kit 8.0 support
- Improved USB 3.0 support
- Improved libusb-win32 driver support with libusb
o v1.2.1 (2011.11.02)
- Clang static-analyzer fixes
- memory leaks in libwdi_create_list() and Zadig
- MSVC project files settings
- updated executable/DLL file properties
o v1.2.0 (2011.10.14)
- WCID device driver installation support
- libusb-win32 filter driver installation/uninstallation
- Zadig UI redesign and other improvements
- Windows 8 and USB 3.0 support improvements
- removal of cygwin's no longer available '-mno-cygwin' support
o v1.1.1 (2011.04.13)
- autogenerated certificate no longer reports a private key available
- Zadig UI improvements
- wdi-simple now handles certificate related operations
- New NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) script sample
- improved INNO Setup script sample
o v1.1.0 (2011.03.30)
- libsubK support
- autogeneration and self-signing of a .cat file, to prevent further security
prompts during driver installation on Vista and later.
for more information, see
- disable restore point creation during installation
- Visual Studio 2010 support and overall MS file cleanup
- use of the Kerberos/e2fsprogs parser in Zadig instead of libconfig
o v1.0.4 (2011.01.22)
- improper title for progress bar
- improper detection of updated files for embedder run
- embedding of user files with international characters should be possible
- new wdi_install_trusted_certificate API call, for promptless driver
installation of static signed driver packages
- new wdi_is_file_embedded API call
o v1.0.3 (2010.10.07)
- progress bar text was not being erased properly
- libwdi can now be cross-compiled
- MinGW and MS generated DLLs are interchangeable
- updated inf-wizard libusb-win32 sample to v1.2.2.0
o v1.0.2 (2010.09.15)
- WinUSB inf file appends libusb0 template
- inf-wizard does not support international characters
- Relative path for extraction dir
- Logging (silent mode)
- New sample (wdi-simple) and setup script example
o v1.0.1 (2010.09.01) - Initial Release