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holgero commented Aug 10, 2012

Hi, I used the latest zadig version ( ) and tried to install the winusb driver for my device. During the installation a dialog box says: "The driver installation failed.". In the log I see the messages:
libwdi:debug [syslog] inf: Openend INF: 'C:\usb_driver2\winusb_generic_device.inf' ([strings])
libwdi:debug [process_message] switching timeout back to finite
libwdi:debug [installer process] the system can not find the file specified (C:

I can open the file C:\usb_driver2\winusb_generic_device.inf with a text editor without any problems.

I then tried to use the previous version ( and that installed the WinUSB driver for my device without a problem!

peica commented Aug 11, 2012

Yes, I meet the same issue on windows 7.


I find that it generates files in the subdirectories with name WdfCoInstaller01011.dll but the inf shows WdfCoInstaller01009.dll in a few places.

Changing the names in the inf allowed me to manually install the drivers... but rerunning zadig regenerated the error by rewriting the inf files. Changing the actual file's name from WdfCoInstaller01011.dll to WdfCoInstaller01009.dll and re-running zadig works, because while zadig regenerates the unreferenced 11 file, the infs can use the 09 file that remained from my rename.

pbatard commented Aug 19, 2012

Thanks for the report. Libwdi recently upgraded the CoInstaller files to 01011, but it looks like I may have overlooked some locations. I'll try to fix that and push a new version of Zadig soon.

@pbatard pbatard was assigned Aug 19, 2012
pbatard commented Aug 20, 2012

Should be fixed in the latest version of Zadig. Note that the use of KMDF 1.11 may require a one-off reboot on Windows 7, the first time it is installed.

@pbatard pbatard added a commit that closed this issue Aug 20, 2012
@pbatard [core] update inf and cat for dynamic WDF & KMDF version
* Files were hardcoded for 01009/1.9
* Closes #1
* Note that upgrading to KMDF 1.11 may require a reboot
@pbatard pbatard closed this in f7aafc1 Aug 20, 2012
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