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Pete's backlog, a.k.a. "Why is X not being worked on?"


Being involved in multiple Open Source projects at once makes for an interesting scheduling challenge.

Every so often (more times than I'd like to have to answer), I get asked about the state of feature X from one of these projects, and when it will become available. Because of this, I have decided to create a page that I can simply point to, to try to answer these questions.

The first thing you should understand, and this is unfortunately true for most Open Source developers, is: as much as we would like, we cannot spend our entire days coding and adding features to our Open Source projects. Most of us also hold a 9 to 5 job, in companies that usually have little interest in fostering their employee's Open Source initiatives. And for some, the company may actually go as far as actively prohibiting access to sites like SourceForge or github from their network. :(

What this means for you is that, for the best part of the day, I do not have the possibility to engage in anything Open Source related and as a result the time I can spend working on the features highlighted below is very limited.

And so, without further ado, please find below the state of my current backlog, more or less in the order I plan to tackle it. Besides each task, you'll also find estimates of the time adding the feature is likely to take (for that task alone). But I must stress out that these estimate are always a best case scenario. Realistically, you want to at least double these times, and remember that they are not by any means the promise of an ETA.

Pete's current backlog


: rufus
: libwdi
: libcec/cecd
: blog and miscellanea
: libusb/libusbx

High priority

: Rufus work (Est. days)
: That device in use with or without using a VHD issue. Also got that one on Shade when testing Arabic... Could try our hand at process detection and stuff. (Est. ??? days)
: AltInput B9 issue (Est. 1 day)
: Some Windows Storage Spaces blurb is (hopefully) coming (Est. 2 days)
: Sure would be nice to write a follow up post about RTL language support (Est. 1 day)
: Double buffering for efifs to speed up ext/btrfs (Est. days)
: Write a guide to help with the SDR# driver install and post in Yahoo! groups (Est. 3 days)
: Forward the ReactOS ms-sys patch to Henrik (Est. 1 day)
: Now how the heck do you modify the AOSP to see it applied to your device (Re: that stupid max volume thing)??? (Est. 3 days)
: Better Android WCID implementation (Est. 2 days)
: External loc file support (Est. 4 days)
: Produce a patch for Syslinux to append ldlinux.sys/ldlinux.bss at the end of isolinux.bin or something (Est. weeks, dammit!)
: Now that I have an UEFI BIOS at last, document my findings (Est. 1 day)
: Upload Czerno's AMD scripts (Est. 1 day)
: FX3 hands on (Est. 1 day)
: And now we have an issue with cathash (Est. 2 days)
: Also this and this need to go (Est. 2 days)
: Fix the Linux driver sample (Est. 1 day)
: Investigate the "Operation timed out" message further (see George Atkins' message from 2012.11.02 - Est. 2 days)

High priority, if only I had more time

: Commandline support (Est. 1 weeks)
: Rework embedding and add 7z support to libwdi (Est. 5 weeks)
: Folder selection support (Est. 2 weeks)
: Optical Disc support (Est. 2 weeks)
: Run Windows 8 from USB (Est. 2 weeks)

High priority, if I could develop Open Source all day long

: Create a signtool equivalent based on pki.c for the MinGW-w64 guys (Est. 6-8 weeks)
: Download vs embedding (Est. 3 weeks)
: Generic driver support (not USB only) (Est. 2 months)
: Finalize how to produce bare-metal code compatible with UBRX (Est. 3 weeks)
: Add USB 3.0 serial debug (Est. 6 weeks)
: VMDK/VHD support (Est. 6 weeks)
: Create a guide for Gerrit+Jenkins installation (Est. 1-2 weeks)
: Complete CECD using a virtual HDMI/CEC device (Est. 6 weeks)
: Set up libusb github issue notifications (Est. 1 day)
: libusb hotplug event API (Est. 6 weeks)
: Look at the Windows hotplug patch (Est. 2 days)
: look at that isoc patch (Est. 2 days)
: Look at Hans' Windows patch from 2013.09.06 (Est. 1 day)
: Look at Toby's Windows patches from 2013.06.27 (Est. 2 days)
: The Windows backend is missing get_config_descriptor_by_value (Est. 1 day)
: Create a Wiki page for obtaining troubleshooting help (Est. 2 days)
: Add FX2/FX3 EEPROM write support to fxload (Est. 1 week)
: Fix libusb-win32 filter driver support for composite device members or on top of WinUSB (Est. 1 week)
: Try to pass priv-sub_api rather than SUB_API_NOTSET always (Est. 2 days)
: Add reset+isochronous support for libusb-win32 and libusbK (Est. 3 weeks)
: 2.0 API changes and consultation period (Est. ? weeks)
: initial libusb 2.0 token release (Est. 1 week)
: HID support for OS-X (Est. 4 weeks)

What I know I'll never have time to spend on

: Multiboot/grub4dos (If you need this, you should know enough not to require an automated tool to do that for you! Or you should look into purchasing an isostick)