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# Bumps the nano version according to the number of commits on this branch
# To have git run this script on commit, create a "pre-commit" text file in
# .git/hooks/ with the following content:
# #!/bin/sh
# if [ -x ./ ]; then
# source ./
# fi
type -P sed &>/dev/null || { echo "sed command not found. Aborting." >&2; exit 1; }
type -P git &>/dev/null || { echo "git command not found. Aborting." >&2; exit 1; }
VER=`git log --oneline | wc -l`
# trim spaces
TAGVER=`echo $VER`
# there may be a better way to prevent improper nano on amend. For now the detection
# of a .amend file in the current directory will do
if [ -f ./.amend ]; then
TAGVER=`expr $TAGVER - 1`
git tag -d "#$TAGVER"
rm ./.amend;
echo "setting nano to $TAGVER"
echo $TAGVER > .tag
cat > cmd.sed <<\_EOF
s/^[ \t]*FILEVERSION[ \t]*\(.*\),\(.*\),\(.*\),.*/ FILEVERSION \1,\2,\3,@@TAGVER@@/
s/^[ \t]*PRODUCTVERSION[ \t]*\(.*\),\(.*\),\(.*\),.*/ PRODUCTVERSION \1,\2,\3,@@TAGVER@@/
s/^\([ \t]*\)VALUE[ \t]*"FileVersion",[ \t]*"\(.*\)\..*"/\1VALUE "FileVersion", "\2.@@TAGVER@@"/
s/^\([ \t]*\)VALUE[ \t]*"ProductVersion",[ \t]*"\(.*\)\..*"/\1VALUE "ProductVersion", "\2.@@TAGVER@@"/
# TODO: revert ' ' to '"' below when out of beta
s/^\(.*\)"Rufus v\(.*\)\.\(.*\)"\(.*\)/\1"Rufus v\2.@@TAGVER@@"\4/
s/^\(.*\)"Version \(.*\) (Build \(.*\))"\(.*\)/\1"Version \2 (Build @@TAGVER@@)"\4/
# First run sed to substitute our variable in the sed command file
sed -e "s/@@TAGVER@@/$TAGVER/g" cmd.sed > cmd.sed~
mv cmd.sed~ cmd.sed
# Run sed to update the nano version
# NB: we need to run git add else the modified files may be ignored
sed -f cmd.sed src/rufus.rc > src/rufus.rc~
# MinGW's sed has the bad habit of eating CRLFs - make sure we keep 'em
sed 's/$/\r/' src/rufus.rc~ > src/rufus.rc
rm src/rufus.rc~
git add src/rufus.rc
rm cmd.sed
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