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This is where I'm storing all my work from the #100DaysOfCode project I'm doing.
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The #100DaysOfCode challenge is based on the standards developed at

This repository will be used document my progress with this project.

If you have any questions about anything included here, please email me at


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The Rules

There are two primary rules:

  1. Code a minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days.
  2. Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.

Truthfully, I don't think I'll be able to follow rule #1 (although I'll do my best), but rule #2 should be pretty easy to follow.

This article on which is linked to from above, has some additional rules, including:

  1. Coding at work can't count towards your time.
  2. Your daily code should be pushed to GitHub. (The creator's proposed GitHub template can be forked from here.)
  3. Time spent on tutorials does not count. Only time spent working on challenges counts.

I'll be breaking rule #5, as I feel that learning (and coding) from video tutorials or books is still quite beneficial.

The template also mentions these additional rules which I will be following:

  1. Follow the 100DaysOfCode Twitter Bot which retweets all tweets with the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.
  2. Encourage at least two other people in the challenge on Twitter every day! Pay it forward!

Rule #7 will be an important one for me, as I'm developing a presentation on #100DaysOfCode where I will promoting the importance of the social benefits of this project.

In addition, I am adding this rule at least for myself, and I would encourage others to do the same:

  1. Write down your goals for this project! (see below)

The goals will of course vary over time, but at least it give me a direction to head in.

My Goals

  1. This project isn't supposed to be about the tools you use to code, but I've wanted to learn Visual Studio Code for long time so I am going to do my best to use it exclusively for this project. In addition, I will document (and share) the beneficial things I learn about it.
  2. Again, about the tools... I will document everything using Markdown. Any tips I learn about Markdown will be documented here.
  3. I will also be sharing via my blogs (mostly and, which is something that I have seriously neglected lately.
  4. I will likely concentrate on Python, although Javascript has quite a following amongst the #100DaysOfCode crowd.
  5. I will try to learn and adhere to Python's style guide, called 'PEP 8'.
  6. I have purchased a 6 month subscription to Python Morsels which offers programing challenges. I will likely start with that.
  7. I will share what I learned for each activity.
  8. I will compile a list of useful links that benefited me throughout this project.
  9. I will keep track of my more successful social media interactions related to this project.
  10. Explore how Projects work within GitHub.
  11. Do challenges from various sites, such as:
    1. Python Morsels -- write better Python code
    3. Project Euler
    4. r/dailyprogrammer
    5. HackerRank
    6. talkpython/100daysofcode-with-python-course
    7. (See also The 10 most popular coding challenge websites for 2017)
  12. Learn about PySimpleGUI.
  13. I noticed in another #100DaysOfCode participant's source code that he's using a library called shelve as part of his file I/O. I'd like to investigate this.
  14. Learn how to use machine learning to adapt aircraft performance charts into a program. (To go along with my flying and ground school lessons.)
  15. Flutter looks very cool for app development. This is a lower priority that I might not get to in the 100 days of this challenge.
  16. Create a Twitter Bot.
  17. More to come...

Daily Learning

Day 1-Day 2 - Add Matrices Challenge

I will start with the 'Add" challenge from Python Morsels:

Write a function that accepts two lists-of-lists of numbers and returns one list-of-lists with each of the corresponding numbers in the two given lists-of-lists added together.

View my day 1-2 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 2 - Bonus for Day 1 Challenge

Sadly I don't have the list comprehension skills needed to do this challenge properly (read: Pythonically) so I'm pursuing some list comprehension exercises to do.

I've also learned that creating the TOC on Markdown pages like these has limitations with the characters that can be used in the headings).

View my day 2 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 3 - GitHub Projects - Day 2 Challenge Bonus - List Comprehension

I poked away a little at the day 2 challenge bonus but it's turning out the be......a challenge! I've decided I wanted to learn more about list comprehension before I continue with this.

I spent quite a bit of time on a Python notebook I created to learn about list comprehension.

View my day 3 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 4 - Create Bio Page - More List Comprehension - Other

Today I reinforced my list comprehension skills, created a bio page on GitHub Pages, and learned more about the limitations of creating a TOC in Markdown.

View my day 4 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 5 - CSS - Blog CSS - Auto-formatting Python in VS Code - More List Comprehension

Today I edited the CSS on my website, learned how to auto-format my Python code in VS Code, and got my day 2 challenge close to being complete by learning more about list comprehension.

View my day 5 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 6 - Maintaining This Site - More List Comprehension - Hackerrank Challenges

I spent some time re-thinking how I process this site. I had too much duplication going on but hopefully now I can be more efficient with writing up my activities and progress.

I finished the 1st bonus section the day 2 challenge thank to what I was able to learn about list comprehension.

I started working on challenges from the Hackerrank website.

View my day 6 notes here. [Folder Link]

Day 7-8 - Hackerrank Challenges

Today I reinforced the basic data types including lists, dictionaries, and tuples by completing a number of Hackerrank challenges.

View my day 7 notes here. [Folder Link]

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