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AQ Providers in Ontario, Canada

Welcome to this "communal" list of AQ providers in Ontario. I have created this as a resource for teachers that can be edited and maintained by anyone.

This first version has been created to solicit feedback on the fields I'll be using for each AQ Provider. Please see the Template section and let me know if you have any recommended changes before I start entering the other providers. You can either email me with your proposed changes or use the Issues tab above.


If you missed the initial announcement about this page on my blog, visit here.



Laurentian University

OISE - University of Toronto

Queen's University

York University


  • URL:
  • Important Dates:
  • Contact Info:
    • URL:
    • Contact Name:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
    • Fax:
    • Address: (w/ link to Google Maps)
  • Fee:
  • FAQs:
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