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Presentations I've given.
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2011-10 Google in the Classroom (outdated)
2013-05 Get Your Google On (OCTE)
2014-06 Google Hangouts (OCTE)
2014-11 Digital Photography 101 (BIT14)
2015-08 CS Circles (Python Tutorial Website)
2016-02 Social Media (OTF Curriculum FOrum)
2016-04 Grade 7 Day (BDSS)
2016-08 Arduino (CEMC)
2016-11 Arduino (DSBN)
2016-11 Grade 8 Day (BDSS)
2017-02 Python (ACSE)
2017-02 docAppender (BDSS)
2018-08 Turtle Graphics
2019-11 100DaysOfCode (BIT19)
Intro Electronics
OTF Curriculum Forum


This repository contains various presentations I've given.

Most resources will only be posted in PDF format, but look for a link in the footer or on the title page for the original Google Doc or Slideshow. If I forget to provide a link to the original, please let me know and I'll get it shared ASAP.

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