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PaperCube README
Last updated 11/23/2009.
For more information about the project, look at the wiki:
To learn more about PaperCube, you can try it out at, view the demo video at
If you want to read more about PaperCube and related research go to
There is code reference documentation for PaperCube and the NodeGraph
framework at and, respectively.
If you have specific questions, please email Peter directly at
PaperCube is open source software released under the MIT License
(see license.js)
Copyright 2008-2009, Peter Bergström
PaperCube uses SproutCore 0.9.23. To install it, please run the following
% sudo gem install sproutcore --version=0.9.23
Then, to run in development, start sc-server in the main project directory:
% cd papercube
% sc-server
Finally, point your browser to the following URL:
There is a wealth of additional information on the SproutCore wiki at and at the main project website,
To build, in the main directory, run sc-build. Copy the resulting build to your
web server. Please note that the sc-config file at the root of the directory
can be used to customize it further.
Currently, the API is PHP-based. In the "database_api" directory, there is a
file, "request.php" that interfaces with the database.
Currently, the database relies on CiteSeer. The database is quite large, but
an exported version of the database is available at the following URL:
The schema is available in the "database_api" directory in "database.txt"
Please note that in the code, there are references to "/api/request.php". If
you change your server or install location, this will be different.
PaperCube uses the SproutCore JavaScript framework.
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