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Socker = Sitecore ❤️ Docker (now with Visual Studio 2017)

This is the continuation of where the new Docker integration in Visual Studio 2017 is used instead.

Is is now possible to run Sitecore completely in Docker natively, you don't have to mess around with databases, IIS or anything, you don't even have to have SQL Server or IIS installed on your machine.

This repository shows how a solution could be wired up for development with the following features:

  • Databases is persisted between restarts
  • Serialization and log folders are mounted with volumes.

and also the Visual Studio 2017, out-of-the-box docker features like:

  • Remote debugging, auto attaching to running containers with F5
  • Build, re-build, clear builds/stops/starts compose services (containers)
  • New in Visual Studio 2017 15.5: By default, Visual Studio will automatically pull, build, and run the necessary container images in the background when you open a project that has Docker support. You can disable this via the Automatically start containers in background setting in Visual Studio.


  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Docker for Windows
  • Visual Studio 2017 15.5 or later


NOTE: Base images are build and consumed locally in this example, but in a real life scenario you would also push to an remote private repository like, or an internal one, so that images can be shared within your organization. Unfortunately it has to be private repositories due to Sitecore licensing terms so we can't share images in the community.

Using Sitecore 8.2 rev. 161221

  1. Copy Sitecore 8.2 rev. into "/images/sitecore-82rev161221"

  2. Copy license.xml into "/images/sitecore-82rev161221/Sitecore/Data"

  3. Build image:

    docker build -t sitecore:8.2.161221 .\images\sitecore-82rev161221
  4. Copy database files from Sitecore 8.2 rev. into "/data/databases"

Daily usage

  1. Open solution...
  2. Make sure the "docker-compose" project is your startup project
  3. CTRL+F5 to run or set breakpoint and F5, Visual Studio will open your default browser automatically when the containers are ready
  4. To continuously update changes from your web project output to the running container, you need to start the watcher script (you can get the container id/name from the build output or docker container ps): docker exec CONTAINER powershell watch

    NOTE: Latest Docker tooling in Visual Studio overrides ENTRYPOINT (see so it is not possible to start the watcher script automatically when the container starts anymore.

To stop everything again just hit "Build -> Clear".