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TravelCompanion is a Web Application developed in Scala with the Lift Framework. This branch adds the solr search engine.
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Welcome to TravelCompanion in Scala / Lift.

This project was created during the bachelor thesis by Ralf Muri and Daniel Hobi in spring 2010.

The following technical aspects are implemented:

  • JPA (based on lift-jpa-archetype)
  • User Management (copy & paste from ProtoUser without mapper functionality)
  • Validating (JSR 303)
  • GUI Widgets (DistanceTraveler)
  • Ajax & Comet (Blog as Single Page Application)
  • REST

Please feel free to download & study our document in the doc directory (german!)

You will get some additional stuff like:

  1. Best practices in Lift & HowTos
  2. Working with IntelliJ IDEA &
  3. General information about TravelCompanion
  4. Experience made by the authors

A running demo is deployed on

To run the app locally:

  1. mvn install
  2. cd web
  3. mvn jetty:run

Then point your favorite browser to http://localhost:9090/.

To create an offline version of the app (web/target/TravelCompanionScala-offline-1.0/):

  1. mvn install
  2. cd web
  3. mvn package -Pjetty-offline

Notice: TravelCompanion is intended for demo purposes only.

Update Rel. 1.1 Integration Solr 1.4.1 search engine


  • The Solr search engine webapp shall run on the same Jetty Instance as the TravelCompanionScala webapp
  • All the nessessary configurations (path to search index etc.) should be done inside the TravelCompanionScala webapp
  • The TravelCompanionScala webapp does the search requests via the Solr XML-RPC API


  • Embedded Solr webapp in TravelCompanionScala module web
  • New Dir /solr/home in TravelCompanionScala for for Solr Search-Index and configuration
  • Enhanced pom.xml of module web: new contextHandler and systemProperty
  • Basic Search interface created
  • New and updated Stages are updated in the index and deleted stages are removed from the index


  1. Because there are now two "memory-hungry" webapps, set your jetty run config in your IDE to: -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xms500m -Xmx500m

  2. Use JRE 1.6 or higher to run the webapps

  3. The class TestTravelGenerator.scala generates testdata for the DB and the Solr Search-Index It's important that the DB and the Search-Index have the same Data - if the data is inconsistent:

    • Delete DB: [UserHome]
    • Delete Solr Index: [ProjectHome]\solr\home\data
    • Jetty Run
    • Run TestTravelGenerator.scala: the tours and stages are added
    • Jetty restart: needs to be done, because the Test-Class uses another "JPA Session"
  4. Note that this integration is not using the more common (and probably faster) solrj lib but uses the scala databinder lib instead.

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