A simulation of synchronizing gears using akka-actors and scala-swing in Scala 2.11.x
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A gear simulation in Scala


A simulation of synchronizing gears using akka-actors and scala-swing in Scala 2.11.x

What this branch contains:

What is the purpose of...

...the slider colors:

  • green: Gear is synced (= has the same speed as the calculated sync speed)
  • yellow: Gear in progress
  • red: Gear has been sabotaged (= a new speed was forced)
  • magenta: Gear had an exception and is restarted by the supervisor
  • black: Gear had 2 exceptions within 2 seconds (double click to revive)

Gear GUI

...the parameters in the code:

  • GearGUI nOfGears (increase if you want to have more gears)
  • Gear errorLevel (raise initial value here to have more exceptions or use Slider in GUI)
  • Gear sleepTime (raise initial value here to slow down simulation or use Slider in GUI)


Migration from Scala Actors to akka actors 1.3

  • Forked pmeiclx/scala_gear_simulation
  • Change from scala.actors.Actor to akka.actor._
  • Change type of List / Map and dependencies to ActorRef
  • Change loop / react to receive

Update to akka 2.1.0 and Scala 2.10 (this branch)

  • Forked dhob/scala_gear_simulation
  • Changed akka implementation from 1.3 -> 2.0 -> 2.1 using the akka migration guides
  • Minor enhancements to the GUI

Update to akka 2.2.3

  • Change the gear actor behaviour with "akka become", so there is no need for a local var "speed" anymore
  • Minor enhancements: Removed ActorRefs in Messages
  • Added sbt and support for monitoring with Typesafe Console via sbt-atmos plug-in https://github.com/sbt/sbt-atmos

Update to akka 2.3.8 and Scala 2.11.4

  • Set the ErrorLevel via Slider from GUI
  • Usage of Typesafe Console via via sbt-atmos plug-in
> atmos:run-main ch.clx.geargui.GearGUI
[info] Starting Atmos and Typesafe Console ...
[info] Typesafe Console is available at http://localhost:9900


  • YourKit for thread activity
  • Typesafe Console via sbt-atmos plug-in