Manage the prefixes of your layers, artboards or symbols
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Prefixation Sketch Plugin

Manage the prefixes of your layers, artboards or symbols.

  • No more re-typing prefixes for every layer
  • Keep naming very consistent
  • Organize all your Symbols into folders, consistently and quickly - yes you can do batch renaming of prefixes!

How it works

Path Prefix Manager - Gathers all the layer names in your document that contain a "/" and generates a prefix list. You may then apply those prefixes to other layers, or create new one by typing it.

Remove Path Prefixes - Strips all the path prefixes in your selection, leaving just the layer names. For example, "Folder 1 / Folder 2 / Layername" will become "Layername".




Keyboard Shortcuts

This plugin is especially useful when assigned to a keyboard shortcut. You must assign this yourself in Apple > Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. How to set up Keyboard Shortcuts.


Install from Sketch Toolbox