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SIP Voice Quality reports Collector
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Voice Quality Collector daemon

VQ Collector is simple pure Python daemon that receives SIP Voice Quality reports sent by VoIP devices. This collector uses the PUBLISH method defined by sec. 3.2 of RFC 6035


VQ-Collector daemon handles SIP PUBLISH requests containing a body and declaring an application/vq-rtcpxr Content-Type. The PUBLISH body is logged on a local file or trough a remote syslog server

Supported enviroments:

VQ-Collector is tested on Debian GNU/Linux and OSX 10.7


  • you need to configure the installation destination editing the CONFIG file
  • DESTDIR defines the installation directory
  • PYTHON_LIB defines the directory where all needed python modules will be installed
  • INITDIR defines the directory where the init script will be placed
  • TARGET defines the distributrion where the daemon is installed, supported values: rh and deb, this affects the init script

After editing the CONFIG file you must run make vq-collector Now you're ready to configure the collector


The configuration file contains some directives under the [main] section:

  • local_ip: this parameter defines where the damon must bind, here you can insert a local IP address, a network interface name or default, using default the daemon will use the default ip address

  • pid_file: where the PID will be stored

  • port: local UDP port to use

  • log_file: here you can insert a file path or a syslog definition following this syntax: syslog:IP_ADDRESS:PORT:FACILITY

    Eg.: syslog: will send all messages to the remote syslog on, using the 514 UDP port and the local7 facility.

  • reply_to_socket: setting this paramether to True all PUBLISH reply will be sent to the remote IP/port, otherwise IP and port will be extracted from the PUBLISH Contact header

  • debug: here you can insert True or False, use True only during debug purpose

  • daemon: another boolean value, using False the program will start in foreground


You can run the collector in this way:

./vq-collector -s /etc/vq-collector.conf

Or using the init scritp

/etc/init.d/vq-collector start

NOTE: the init script is very simple and need some adjustements in order to run in your distribution.

VQ-Session report syntax:

Reports syntax is defined by RFC3611

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