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# Code to load raw data from Quandl/SF1
# requires the python Quandl package, and the
# Quandl API key to be set as an ENV variable QUANDL_API_KEY.
import quandl
from alphacompiler.util.zipline_data_tools import get_ticker_sid_dict_from_bundle
from alphacompiler.util.sparse_data import pack_sparse_data
from alphacompiler.util import quandl_tools
from logbook import Logger
import datetime
from os import listdir
import os
BASE = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
DS_NAME = 'SHARADAR/SF1' # quandl DataSet code
RAW_FLDR = "raw" # folder to store the raw text file
VAL_COL_NAME = "Value"
START_DATE = '2013-01-01'
END_DATE ='%Y-%m-%d')
FN = "SF1.npy"
log = Logger('')
def populate_raw_data(tickers, fields, raw_path):
"""tickers is a dict with the ticker string as the key and the SID
as the value. """
# existing = listdir(RAW_FLDR)
for ticker, sid in tickers.items():
# if "%d.csv" % sid in existing:
# continue
query_str = "%s %s" % (DS_NAME, ticker)
print("fetching data for: {}".format(query_str))
# df = quandl.get_table(query_str, start_date=START_DATE, end_date=END_DATE)
df = quandl.get_table(DS_NAME,
calendardate={'gte': START_DATE, 'lte': END_DATE},
qopts={'columns': ['dimension', 'datekey'] + fields})
df = df[df.dimension == "ARQ"] # only use As-Reported numbers
# Change column name to field
df = df.rename(columns={"datekey": "Date"})
df = df.drop(["dimension"], axis=1)
# write raw file: raw/
except quandl.errors.quandl_error.NotFoundError:
print("error with ticker: {}".format(ticker))
def demo():
# demo works on free data
tickers = {"WMT":3173, "HD":2912, "DOGGY":69, "CSCO":2809}
fields = ["GP", "CAPEX", "EBIT", "ASSETS"]
populate_raw_data(tickers, fields)
def all_tickers_for_bundle(fields, bundle_name, raw_path=os.path.join(BASE,RAW_FLDR)):
tickers = get_ticker_sid_dict_from_bundle(bundle_name)
#populate_raw_data({"WMT":3173, "HD":2912, "DOGGY":69, "CSCO":2809}, fields, raw_path)
populate_raw_data(tickers, fields, raw_path)
return len(tickers)
if __name__ == '__main__':
#fields = ["ROE_ART", "BVPS_ARQ", "SPS_ART", "FCFPS_ARQ", "PRICE"]
fields = ["marketcap", "pb"]
num_tickers = all_tickers_for_bundle(fields, 'quantopian-quandl')
pack_sparse_data(num_tickers + 1, # number of tickers in buldle + 1
print("this worked boss")