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Demo Repositories

Repository Deployment Mode Features Created Dataset Notes
sales-sample (Report & Dataset) 5-Mar-2024 Sales.pbip Self-contained PBIP Sample (No external datasources)
incremental-refresh-demo Dataset Dataset Deployment, Incremental Refresh, Cloud Credentials (Basic) 17-Oct-2022 NYC Taxi Yellow (Synapse Analytics - private) 1.0.0-rc.2+preview.5 Release
contoso-sql-dataset-devops Dataset Dataset Deployment, SqlScripts 20-Jul-2022 Contoso (Azure SQL - private) Contoso dataset based on SQLBI Contoso Data Generator
dataset-devops-demo Dataset Dataset Deployment, Refresh, Deploy-Embedded-Report 26-May-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups PBIMCR Session
contoso-sales-model (Dataset) Dataset Compile 24-May-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups SQLBI dataset converted to HTTP data source (GitHub)
demo-pug-delhi-20220501 (Report) Report: Extract, Watch, Compile 1-May-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups Session: "Developing PBI Reports with pbi-tools"
advworks-git-demo GitHub Issues, Branches 13-Apr-2022 Adventure Works DW 2020 Session: "Introduction to GIT"
report-devops-demo Report Report Deployment (PbixProj) 24-Mar-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups
demo-berlin-pug-pbixproj Report 24-Mar-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups
demo-berlin-pug-lfs Report 24-Mar-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups
devops-github-reports-pbixproj Report 18-Mar-2022 Introducing Calculation Groups
devops-demo-report Report 15-Nov-2021
adventureworksdw2020-pbix (Dataset) Dataset Compile 16-Apr-2021 Adventure Works DW 2020 HTTP data source (GitHub)

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  1. pbi-tools pbi-tools Public

    Power BI DevOps & Source Control Tool

    C# 306 55

  2. adventureworksdw2020-pbix adventureworksdw2020-pbix Public

    The sources (incl data) needed to generate the Adventure Works DW 2020 DAX training model as a PBIX file.

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