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archivist package md5hash

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Repository stores specific values of an artifact, different for various artifact's classes, and artifacts themselves. Artifacts are archived along with a special attribute named md5hash.

For each artifact, md5hash is a unique string of length 32 that is produced by digest{digest} function which uses a cryptographical MD5 hash algorithm. The md5hash of each artifact that is archived to the Repository is also saved on the Repository along with the artifact's Tags - see Tags. It enables to distinguish objects in the Repository and facilitates searching and loading them.

Functions that take md5hash as a parameter are:

  • addTagsRepo
  • copyLocalRepo,
  • copyGithubRepo,
  • getTagsGithub,
  • getTagsLocal,
  • loadFromLocalRepo,
  • loadFromGithubRepo,
  • rmFromRepo.

Functions returning md5hash as a value are:

  • saveToRepo,
  • searchInLocalRepo,
  • searchInGithubRepo,
  • shinySearchInLocalRepo,
  • multiSearchInLocalRepo,
  • multiSearchInGithubRepo.

Functions returning md5hahes as a data.frame are:

  • showLocalRepo,
  • showGithubRepo.
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