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Merge pull request #17 from imphil/master

Support Mercurial 2.1 phases
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2 parents cbfeaf4 + f44294f commit 07557220abea21580b75ea5bfe7eb2fa55f22ea3 @jdm jdm committed
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8 trychooser
@@ -460,6 +460,14 @@ For all questions, choosing Y means adding something to the TryChooser string. C
ui.write(_("Push to try server...\n"))
commands.push(ui, repo, "ssh://", force=True)
+ # In Mercurial 2.1 phases support was added, and until Mozilla updates to
+ # this version and configures the try repository to be non-publishing, we
+ # need to reset the pushed patches to be editable again.
+ try:
+ commands.phase(ui, repo, 'mq()', draft=True, public=False, secret=False, force=True, rev="")
+ except AttributeError:
+ pass # we're running a old Mercurial version, don't bother.
mq.pop(ui, repo)
mq.delete(ui, repo, 'trychooser')

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