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Merge pull request #25 from philor/master

Remove android-xul and the tests only it ran
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jdm committed Sep 17, 2012
2 parents b8203a9 + c412d37 commit d47c019a5470c19a15d41eb355e978de385130c5
Showing with 20 additions and 35 deletions.
  1. +7 −20 trychooser
  2. +13 −15 trychooser_test
@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ p_macosx64 = N ("macosx64", "Build on Mac OSX 10.6 (x86-64, 64-bit, part of a un
p_win32 = N ("win32", "Build on Windows", 'win32,')
p_win64 = N ("win32", "Build on Windows", 'win64,')
p_android = N ("android", "Build on Android", 'android,')
-p_android_xul = N ("android-xul", "Build on Android", 'android-xul,')
p_none = NoPrompt (" -p none")
u_all = N ("All Unit tests", "Run all unit tests on all chosen platforms", ' -u all')
@@ -70,7 +69,6 @@ u_mochitesto = N ("mochitest-o", "Run mochitest-o", 'mochitest-o,')
u_mochitest6 = N ("mochitest-6", "Run mochitest-6 (android-only)", 'mochitest-6,')
u_mochitest7 = N ("mochitest-7", "Run mochitest-7 (android-only)", 'mochitest-7,')
u_mochitest8 = N ("mochitest-8", "Run mochitest-8 (android-only)", 'mochitest-8,')
-u_browser_chrome = N ("browser-chrome", "Run browser-chrome (android-only)", 'browser-chrome,')
u_reftest1 = N ("reftest-1", "Run reftest-1 (android-only)", 'reftest-1,')
u_reftest2 = N ("reftest-2", "Run reftest-2 (android-only)", 'reftest-2,')
u_reftest3 = N ("reftest-3", "Run reftest-3 (android-only)", 'reftest-3,')
@@ -99,8 +97,7 @@ t_v8 = N ("v8", "Run v8 suite", 'v8,')
t_none = NoPrompt (" -t none")
remote_talos = ','.join(['remote-ts', 'remote-tdhtml', 'remote-tsvg', 'remote-tsspider',
- 'remote-tpan', 'remote-tp4m', 'remote-tp4m_nochrome',
- 'remote-twinopen', 'remote-tzoom'])
+ 'remote-tpan', 'remote-tp4m', 'remote-tp4m_nochrome',])
t_all_android = N ("All android talos tests", "Run all android talos tests", remote_talos)
t_any_android = N ("Any android talos tests", "Run any android talos tests", '')
t_svg_r = N ("remote-tsvg", "Run svg suite", 'remote-tsvg,')
@@ -110,8 +107,6 @@ t_ts_r = N ("remote-ts", "Run ts suite", 'remote-ts,')
t_tdhtml_r = N ("remote-tdhtml", "Run tdhtml suite", 'remote-tdhtml,')
t_tsspider_r = N ("remote-tsspdier", "Run tsspider suite", 'remote-tsspider,')
t_tpan_r = N ("remote-tpan", "Run tpan suite", 'remote-tpan,')
-t_twinopen_r = N ("remote-twinopen", "Run twinopen suite", 'remote-twinopen,')
-t_tzoom_r = N ("remote-tzoom", "Run tzoom suite", 'remote-tzoom,')
t_none_r = NoPrompt ("")
@@ -140,10 +135,8 @@ p_macosx64.y = p_win32
p_macosx64.n = p_win32
p_win32.y = p_android
p_win32.n = p_android
-p_android.y = p_android_xul
-p_android.n = p_android_xul
-p_android_xul.y = D(u_all)
-p_android_xul.n = D(u_all)
+p_android.y = D(u_all)
+p_android.n = D(u_all)
u_all.y = t_all
u_all.n = u_any
@@ -170,10 +163,8 @@ u_crashtest2.y = u_crashtest3
u_crashtest2.n = u_crashtest3
u_crashtest3.y = u_crashtest_ipc
u_crashtest3.n = u_crashtest_ipc
-u_crashtest_ipc.y = u_browser_chrome
-u_crashtest_ipc.n = u_browser_chrome
-u_browser_chrome.y = u_xpcshell
-u_browser_chrome.n = u_xpcshell
+u_crashtest_ipc.y = u_xpcshell
+u_crashtest_ipc.n = u_xpcshell
u_xpcshell.y = u_jsreftest
u_xpcshell.n = u_jsreftest
u_jsreftest.y = u_jsreftest1
@@ -258,12 +249,8 @@ t_tdhtml_r.y = t_tsspider_r
t_tdhtml_r.n = t_tsspider_r
t_tsspider_r.y = t_tpan_r
t_tsspider_r.n = t_tpan_r
-t_tpan_r.y = t_twinopen_r
-t_tpan_r.n = t_twinopen_r
-t_twinopen_r.y = t_tzoom_r
-t_twinopen_r.n = t_tzoom_r
-t_tzoom_r.y = D(finish)
-t_tzoom_r.n = D(finish)
+t_tpan_r.y = D(finish)
+t_tpan_r.n = D(finish)
# The actual algorithm is simple
@@ -15,26 +15,24 @@ tests = [
('NYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u all -t all'),
('NNYYYY', '-b o -p all -u all -t all'),
('NNNYYYY', '-b d -p all -u all -t all'),
- ('NYNYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p linux,linux64,macosx64,win32,android,android-xul -u all -t all'),
- ('NYNNNYYNNYY', '-b do -p macosx64,win32 -u all -t all'),
- ('NYNNNNNYYYY', '-b do -p android,android-xul -u all -t all'),
- ('NYNNNNNNYYY', '-b do -p android-xul -u all -t all'),
- ('NYNNNNNYNYY', '-b do -p android -u all -t all'),
+ ('NYNYYYYYYY', '-b do -p linux,linux64,macosx64,win32,android -u all -t all'),
+ ('NYNNNYYNYY', '-b do -p macosx64,win32 -u all -t all'),
+ ('NYNNNNNYYYY', '-b do -p android -u all -t all'),
('NYYNNY', '-b do -p all -u none -t all'),
- ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,browser-chrome,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4,mochitest-5,mochitest-6,mochitest-7,mochitest-8,mochitest-o -t all'),
- ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYNNNNNY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,browser-chrome,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4 -t all'),
- ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYNNYNNNYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,browser-chrome,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-5,mochitest-o -t all'),
- ('NYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNNYYNNNNNYNYYYYYYNNNYY', '-b do -p all -u xpcshell,jsreftest,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4,mochitest-5,mochitest-o -t all'),
- ('NYYNYYNNNNNYNNNNNYYNNNNNYYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,crashtest,xpcshell,jsreftest,opengl,mochitests -t all'),
+ ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4,mochitest-5,mochitest-6,mochitest-7,mochitest-8,mochitest-o -t all'),
+ ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYNNNNNY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4 -t all'),
+ ('NYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNYYYNNYNNNYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,reftest-1,reftest-2,reftest-3,reftest-ipc,reftest-no-accel,crashtest,crashtest-1,crashtest-2,crashtest-3,crashtest-ipc,xpcshell,jsreftest,jsreftest-1,jsreftest-2,jsreftest-3,jetpack,mozmill-all,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-5,mochitest-o -t all'),
+ ('NYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNYYNNNNNYNYYYYYYNNNYY', '-b do -p all -u xpcshell,jsreftest,opengl,mochitest-1,mochitest-2,mochitest-3,mochitest-4,mochitest-5,mochitest-o -t all'),
+ ('NYYNYYNNNNNYNNNNYYNNNNNYYY', '-b do -p all -u reftest,crashtest,xpcshell,jsreftest,opengl,mochitests -t all'),
('NYYYNNNN', '-b do -p all -u all -t none'),
- ('NYYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u all -t nochrome,dromaeo,a11y,svg,chrome,tp,tp4,dirty,scroll,cold,v8,remote-ts,remote-tdhtml,remote-tsvg,remote-tsspider,remote-tpan,remote-tp4m,remote-tp4m_nochrome,remote-twinopen,remote-tzoom'),
- ('NYYYNYNNYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u all -t a11y,svg,chrome,tp,tp4,dirty,scroll,cold,v8,remote-tsvg,remote-tp4m_nochrome,remote-tp4m,remote-ts,remote-tdhtml,remote-tsspider,remote-tpan,remote-twinopen,remote-tzoom'),
- ('NYYYNYYYYYYYNYYNNNYNNNNYNNNY', '-b do -p all -u all -t nochrome,dromaeo,a11y,svg,chrome,tp,dirty,scroll,remote-tdhtml,remote-tzoom'),
- ('NYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYNN', '-b do -p all -u mochitests -t none'),
+ ('NYYYNYYYYYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u all -t nochrome,dromaeo,a11y,svg,chrome,tp,tp4,dirty,scroll,cold,v8,remote-ts,remote-tdhtml,remote-tsvg,remote-tsspider,remote-tpan,remote-tp4m,remote-tp4m_nochrome'),
+ ('NYYYNYNNYYYYYYYYYNYYYYYYYYY', '-b do -p all -u all -t a11y,svg,chrome,tp,tp4,dirty,scroll,cold,v8,remote-tsvg,remote-tp4m_nochrome,remote-tp4m,remote-ts,remote-tdhtml,remote-tsspider,remote-tpan'),
+ ('NYYYNYYYYYYYNYYNNNYNNNNYNN', '-b do -p all -u all -t nochrome,dromaeo,a11y,svg,chrome,tp,dirty,scroll,remote-tdhtml'),
+ ('NYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYNN', '-b do -p all -u mochitests -t none'),
invalid_tests = [
- ('NYNNNNNNNYY', ": try: -b do -p -u all -t all"), # No platforms
+ ('NYNNNNNNYY', ": try: -b do -p -u all -t all"), # No platforms
('NNNNYYY', ""), # No builds
('NYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN', ": try: -b do -p all -u -t none"), # Wanted unittests, none picked
('NYYYNYNNNNNNNNNNNNYNNNNNNNNN', ": try: -b do -p all -u all -t"), # Wanted talos, none picked

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