Office365 Development Patterns and Practices
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Reference Material
Microsoft Corporation Collaboration Agreement-Officedev Patterns & Practices GetHub Project.docx

#Patterns and Practices This is the Community Source Code location for the SharePoint and Office Patterns and Practices (PnP). We will be revising and enhancing the samples here and they should be considered just that, samples. We are working with the MSDN Content Publishing team to take the most impactful and useful samples that complete common customer scenarios and publishing them as "Solution Packs" of content as well as "Sample Packs" of sample code that has been reviewed by the Office 365 team and blessed as a recommended way to approach these scenarios.

Check additional details from the GitHub project wiki.

This package is released by a group of volunteers who are committed to continue further expanding this sample package in the future. You are more than welcome to join the team on helping to provide samples which shows different patterns and practices towards app model development with SharePoint and Office client.

Currently this project is very focused on the SharePoint scenarios but we are keeping a keen eye towards including the all-up Office Developer story as we move forward. Your submissions on this area are more than welcome.