Bash script to help upgrade older distros to newer versions, and crossgrade from 32 to 64 bits
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distrorejuve is a utility that helps with upgrading distros. It works on a number of different distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos). It uses apt, yum and repository corrections as appropriate. It can dist upgrade between multiple versions for Ubuntu and Debian.

To get the latest version of this script:

wget -O --no-check-certificate

Example usage to dist upgrade to latest Debian or Ubuntu disto. First make a backup of your server. Then run:

sudo bash --dist-upgrade | tee -a distrorejuve.log


  • Enable archive repositories for older Debian distros
  • Enable lts archive for Debian squeeze servers and old-releases for Ubuntu
  • Dist upgrade Ubuntu distros to the next LTS version. Then from LTS version to LTS version.
  • On completion provides information on config changes (modified config files, changed ports)
  • Install missing Debian keys
  • Handles a few common Apache config issues after a distro upgrade.
  • Designed to run unattended without lots of prompting.
  • Burgeoning support to cross grade 32 bit distros to 64 bit


Run with --usage to get this message

Run with --check (or no argument) makes no changes. Reports information like disk space free, kernel, distro version, config files modified from package defaults.

Run with --dist-upgrade run an upgrade, followed by dist-upgrading ubuntu distros to the latest lts or debian distros to latest debian.

Run with --upgrade to run a yum upgrade or apt-get upgrade (fixing up repos, etc where we can). no distro version change.

Run with --dist-update to update packages on the current distro version (no distro version change).

Run with --to-wheezy to get from squeeze to wheezy

Run with --to-jessie to get from an older distro to jessie

Run with --to-latest-debian to get from squeeze or lenny or wheezy or jessie to stretch 9

Run with --to-latest-lts to get from an ubuntu distro to the most recent ubuntu lts version

Run with --to-next-ubuntu to get from an ubuntu distro to the next ubuntu version. If the current ubuntu is an LTS version then this skips to the next LTS version.

Run with --fix-vuln to try and fix your server (doing minimal change e.g. just an apt-get install of the affected package).

Run with --break-eggs will run a --dist-upgrade if the server is vulnerable.

Use with --source if you just wish to have the distrorejuve functions available to you for testing

Written by Peter Bryant at

Latest version (or thereabouts) will be available at