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Fixed more typos in comments

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1 parent 47968d0 commit 1451d8930ed8b6d101ebc903bad797285d4e4183 @pboling committed
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  1. +3 −3 lib/exception_notification/notifiable.rb
6 lib/exception_notification/notifiable.rb
@@ -73,10 +73,10 @@ def rescue_with_hooks(exception)
# With ExceptionNotifiable you have an inherent request, and using a status code makes sense.
# With Notifiable class to wrap around everything that doesn't have a request,
# the errors you want to be notified of need to be specified either positively or negatively
- # 1. positive eg. set ExceptionNotifier.config[:notify_error_classes] to an array of classes
- # set ExceptionNotifier.config[:notify_other_errors] to false
+ # 1. positive eg. set ExceptionNotification::Notifier.config[:notify_error_classes] to an array of classes
+ # set ExceptionNotification::Notifier.config[:notify_other_errors] to false
# 1. negative eg. set Klass.silent_exceptions to the ones to keep quiet
- # set ExceptionNotifier.config[:notify_other_errors] to true
+ # set ExceptionNotification::Notifier.config[:notify_other_errors] to true
status_code = nil
#We only send email if it has been configured in environment
send_email = should_email_on_exception?(exception, status_code, verbose)

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