Changes for 0.3.x

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New Stuff in 0.3.X

Version 0.3.2 - NOV.06.2012

  • Adds skip column check option :check_for_column - from arturaz
  • Adds a 'smart' set_flag_sql method which will auto determine the correct column for the given flag - from arturaz
  • Changes the behavior of sql_set_for_flag to not use table names in the generated SQL
    • because it didn't actually work before
    • Now there is a test ensuring that the generated SQL can be executed by a real DB
    • This improved sql_set_for_flag underlies the public set_flag_sql method

Version 0.3.1 - NOV.06.2012

  • Adds new methods (for a flag column named 'bar', with many individual flags within) - from ddidier
    • all_bar, selected_bar, select_all_bar, unselect_all_bar, selected_bar=(selected_flags), has_bar?

Version 0.3.0 - NOV.05.2012 - first version maintained by Peter Boling

  • ClassWithHasFlags.set_#{flag_name}_sql # Returns the sql string for setting a flag for use in customized SQL
  • ClassWithHasFlags.unset_#{flag_name}_sql # Returns the sql string for unsetting a flag for use in customized SQL
  • ClassWithHasFlags.flag_columns # Returns the column_names used by FlagShihTzu as bit fields
  • has_flags :strict => true # DuplicateFlagColumnException raised when a single DB column is declared as a flag column twice
  • Less verbosity for expected conditions when the DB connection for the class is unavailable.
  • Tests for additional features, but does not change any behavior of 0.2 versions by default.
  • Easily migrate from 0.2 versions. No code changes required.