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== 0.5.11 / 2012-09-05
* Bug Fixes
* Fixed Encoding::CompatibilityError. (Michael Grosser)
== 0.5.10 / 2012-09-04 (Peter Boling)
* Bug Fixes
* Ajax requests for previously cached panel data now go to root (/), which allows it to work on non-root URLs.
== 0.5.9 / 2012-09-04 (Peter Boling)
* New Features
* FilteredBacktrace was disabled in LogicalInsight. It's now back. It is now configurable via the configure block.
== 0.5.8 / 2012-09-04 (Peter Boling)
* Bug Fixes
* working template_root for rack-insight extension libraries
== 0.5.7 / 2012-09-03 (Peter Boling)
* Bug Fixes
* require 'logger' important when using Ruby Logger
== 0.5.6 / 2012-08-31 (Peter Boling)
* Other
* Wrap debug logging in verbose check
* Documentation
== 0.5.5 / 2012-08-31 (Peter Boling)
* New Features
* Extension gems now automatically look for their view templates
relative to the panel class file that tries to render them.
* Two levels of log verbosity filtering to allow re-use of the Rails log, but to not force same level output from
rack-insight as the rails log is set to for the env. It will never be more logging than Rails log's env level,
but it can, and usually should, be less.
* Fixed a number of bugs, and refactored some things. Please let me know if you use it/break it!
== 0.5.0 / 2012-08-29 - transition to rack_insight (Peter Boling)
* Compatibility
* Restructure gem so Insight is inside a namespace, because I have classes named Insight that are obscured by
logical_insight gem when loaded. Logical also seemed like it may be a class name somewhere, hence going back to
the Rack namespace a la rack-bug. Keeping the (now nested) Insight namespace as well, because - genetics.
* Fix spelling of retreive => retrieve
* Remove redundant time method from cache_panel/stats.rb
== 0.4.X - last of logical_insight
* New features
* Can use LoggerPanel on ruby stdlib Logger in non-rails app (Tim Connor)
* Bug fixes
* Fix profile, explain and select in the queries tab, fixes issue #22 (ebertech)
* Minor fixes
* Explicitly require 'digest/sha1' (Jérémy Lecour)
* Eliminate unreachable code in params signature validation (Tim Connor)
* Compatibilty
* Make Redis panel compatible with latest redis-rb gem, without breaking older redis-rb versions (Luke Melia)
* Other
* Refactoring and code cleanup (Tim Connor)
* Testing cleanup - better isolation of Rails vs. non-Rails in tests (Tim Connor)
== 0.3.0 / 2010-05-28
* New features
* Log panel includes log level and timestamp (Tim Connor)
* Sphinx panel (George Chatzigeorgiou)
* Backtraces for Redis panel (Luke Melia & Joey Aghion)
* Minor fixes
* Don't "enable" rack bug if you hit cancel on the bookmarklet prompt (Mischa Fierer)
* Compatibilty
* backtrace filtering now supports more than just Rails (Alex Chaffee)
* compatibility with current rack-test (Luke Melia & Joey Aghion)
* update Sinatra sample app (Tim Conner)
== 0.2.1
* The beginning of recorded history
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