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Small base project for your scala android applications
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Small base project for your scala android applications

You can use this immediatly with a text editor and ant from command line.

android update project -p .
ant debug
ant installd
adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

Based on which is based on

Adjust project name and package name

Package name

  • Inside AndroidManifest.xml (line 3) replace package
  • Inside (line 24) replace manifest.package value
  • Inside src/com/example/android/scala/MainActivity.scala (line 1) replace package
  • Move src/com/example/android/scala/MainActivity.scala to corresponding folder src/com/new/package/MainActivity.scala (if new package name is

Project name

  • Inside build.xml (line 2) replace name value
  • (optional) Inside res/values/strings.xml (line 3) replace app_name value

Set up in IntelliJ Idea

  1. Open IntelliJ Idea
  2. Create new Project
  3. "Create project from scratch"
  4. "New project" dialog
    1. Give it the same name as you specified above in "Adjust project name and package name" below "Project name"
    2. Choose "Android Module"
    3. Next
  5. Choose "Do not create source directory" and Next
  6. Android settings
    1. Select the same Android SDK as you have set in (7 = Android 2.1)
    2. Uncheck "Create default Android application structure"
    3. Finish
  7. Copy all files from this repository into the newly created IntelliJ Idea project
  8. Open a command line window and run the following command while inside your project: "android update project -p ."
  9. In the main window of the IDE click on the "Ant build" tab
    1. Click on add (+)
    2. Choose the build.xml from your project folder
  10. File -> Project Structure
    1. In the left choose "Project"
    2. In the dropdown below "Project SDK" choose the correct Android Target (or make new if needed)
    3. In the left choose "Modules"
    4. In the middle choose the top node
    5. On the right click on "src" in the file tree structure
    6. Above click on "Sources" (blue) and it should appear on the left below "Source folders"
  11. Run -> Edit configurations
    1. Click on add new configuration (+) and choose "Android Application"
    2. Give it a nice name like "ScalaAndroidProject - Debug"
    3. Module: Choose your project
    4. Check "Choose target device manually"
    5. Uncheck "Make"
    6. Check "Run Ant target"
    7. Click on the "..." next to "Run Ant target"
    8. Choose "debug-install-for-intellij" and click OK
    9. Apply and OK
  12. Run it :) (will take a while to compile and run proguard)
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