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About Me

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I'm Philip Borenstein. I write documentation for developers.

I'm a pretty good programmer, but I'm really a much better writer than I am a coder.

Most of the work I do involves APIs. That means I spend a lot of my time reading source code, and I've become comfortable with several languages and frameworks. Most recently I was working with a lot of JavaScript (for node.js), and before that I was working with Ruby, Rails, C, C++, C#, and to a lesser extent Visual Basic and VB.NET. I spend a lot of time writing code to learn how the API works in order to explain it to my readers.

To get around all that source code, I often build tools that help me collect information, generate content, make global changes, and so on. These days I build most of these tools as bash scripts, or as command-line tools in node.js.

I know my way around various versions of Unix (Darwin, SmartOS, FreeBSD, Linux), OS X, and Windows. I've run web sites, set up and maintained web servers, worked with various content management systems (WordPress, Kirby, Confluence, harpjs, idiosyncratic hand-built systems, etc.). I know more PHP than I ever intended to, and enough Ruby, Rails, and Python to get around and fix things. I speak at least three different dialects of Markdown.

How to find me

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