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Simple wrapper to gravatar API for Symfony2 - Provides a configurable service and a template helper

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  1. Add this bundle to your project as Git submodules:

      $ git submodule add git:// src/Bundle/GravatarBundle
  2. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

      // application/ApplicationKernel.php
      public function registerBundles()
          return array(
              // ...
              new Bundle\GravatarBundle\GravatarBundle(),
              // ...
  3. Configure the gravatar service, templating helper and Twig extension in your config:

      # application/config/config.yml
      gravatar.config: ~
  4. If you always have some default for your gravatars such as size, rating or default it can be configured in your config

     # application/config/config.yml
        rating: g
        size: 80
        default: ~


All you have to do is use the helper like this example:

  <img src="<?php echo $view['gravatar']->getUrl('alias@domain.tld') ?>" />

Or with parameters:

  <img src="<?php echo $view['gravatar']->getUrl('alias@domain.tld', '80', 'g', 'defaultimage.png') ?>" />

The only required parameter is the email adress. The rest have default values.

If you use twig you can use the helper like this exemple:

  {{ gravatar('alias@domain.tld') }}

Or if you want to check if a gravatar email exists:

  {% if gravatar_exists('alias@domain.tld') %}
        The email is an gravatar email
  {% endif %}

Or with parameters:

  {{ gravatar('alias@domain.tld', site, rating, default) }}

For more information look at the gravatar implementation pages.

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