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CasperJS Changelog

XXXX-XX-XX, v1.0.0

  • fixed #178 - added Casper.getPageContent() to access raw page body contents on non-html received content-types.
  • fixed #164 - ability to force CLI parameters as strings (see related documentation).
  • fixed #153 - erroneous mouse event results when event.preventDefault() was used.
  • closed #180 - CasperJS tests are now run against a local HTTP test server. A new casper selftest command has been added as well.
  • added a --no-colors option to the casper test command to skip output coloration

2012-06-26, v1.0.0-RC1

PhantomJS 1.5 & 1.6

PhantomJS >= 1.6 supported features

  • added support of custom headers sending in outgoing request - refs #137)
  • added support for prompt() and confirm() - closes #125
  • fixed #157 - added support for PhantomJS 1.6 WebPage#zoomFactor
  • added url.changed & navigation.requested events - refs #151

2012-06-04, v0.6.10

  • fixed #73 - not working correctly with binaries
  • fixed #129 - Can't put // comments in evaluate() function
  • closed #130 - Added a Dummy colorizer class, in order to disable colors in console output
  • fixed #133 - updated and fixed documentation about extensibility
  • added Casper.clickLabel() for clicking on an element found by its innerText content

As a side note, the official website monolithic page has been split across several ones:

2012-05-29, v0.6.9

  • BC BREAK: PhantomJS 1.5 is now the minimal PhantomJS version supported.
  • fixed #114 - ensured client-side utils are injected before any evaluate() call
  • merged #89 - Support for more mouse events (@nrabinowitz)
  • added a new error event, better error reporting
  • fixed #117 - fill() coulnd't submit() a form with a submit input named submit
  • merged #122 - allow downloads to be triggered by more than just GET requests
  • closed #57 - added context to emitted test events + complete assertion framework refactor
  • fixed loaded resources array is now reset adequately reference discussion
  • fixed incomplete error message logged when passed an erroneous selector (xpath and css)

2012-05-20, v0.6.8

  • added support for XPath selectors
  • added Tester.assertNotEquals() (@juliangruber)
  • fixed #109 - CLI args containing = (equals sign) were not being parsed properly

2012-05-12, v0.6.7

  • fixes #107: client utils were possibly not yet being injected and available when calling Capser.base64encode() from some events
  • merged PR #96: make python launcher use os.execvp() instead of subprocess.Popen() (@jart): > This patch fixes a bug where casperjs' python launcher process won't pass along kill > signals to the phantomjs subprocess. This patch works by using an exec system call > which causes the phantomjs subprocess to completely replace the casperjs parent > process (while maintaining the same pid). This patch also has the added benefit of > saving 10 megs or so of memory because the python process is discarded.
  • fixes #109 - CLI args containing = (equals sign) were not parsed properly
  • fixes #100 & #110 - googlepagination sample was broken
  • merged #103 - added Tester.assertNotEquals method (@juliangruber)

2012-04-27, v0.6.6

  • BC BREAK:: moved the page.initialized event to where it should have always been, and is now using native phantomjs onInitialized event
  • fixed #95 - Tester.assertSelectorExists was broken

2012-03-28, v0.6.5

  • BC BREAK: reverted 8347278 (refs #34 and added a new clear() method to close a page You now have to call casper.clear() if you want to stop javascript execution within the remote DOM environment.
  • BC BREAK: removed fallbackToHref option handling in (refs #63)
  • tester.findTestFiles() now returns results in predictable order
  • added --log-level and --direct options to casper test command
  • fixed 0.6.4 version number in bootstrap.js
  • centralized version number to package.json
  • ensured compatibility with PhantomJS 1.5

2012-02-09, v0.6.4

  • fixed casperjs command wasn't passing phantomjs native option in the correct order, resulting them not being taken into account by phantomjs engine:
    • fixed #49 - casperjs is not sending --ssl-ignore-errors
    • fixed #50 - Cookies not being set when passing --cookies-file option
  • fixed Python3 compatibility of the casperjs executable

2012-02-05, v0.6.3

  • fixed #48 - XML Output file doesn't have classpath populated with file name
  • refs #46 - added value details to Tester fail event
  • new site design, new domain, enhanced & updated docs

2012-01-19, v0.6.2

  • fixed #41 - injecting casperjs lib crashes cmd.exe on Windows 7
  • fixed #42 - Use file name of test script as 'classname' in JUnit XML report (@mpeltonen)
  • fixed #43 - Exit status not reported back to caller
  • suppressed colorized output syntax for windows; was making output hard to read
  • added patchy fs.isWindows() method
  • added --xunit=<filename> cli option to $ casperjs test command for saving xunit results, eg.:

    $ casperjs test tests/suites --xunit=build-result.xml

2012-01-16, v0.6.1

  • restablished js-emulated click simulation first, then native QtWebKit events as a fallback; some real world testing have surprinsingly proven the former being often more efficient than the latter
  • fixed casperjs executable could not handle a PHANTOMJS_EXECUTABLE containing spaces
  • fixed casper could not be used without the executable as documented
  • fixed wrong debug log level on error; set to error

Please check the updated documentation.

2012-01-12, v0.6.0

  • BC BREAK: now uses native Webkit mouse events instead of previous crazy utopic javascript emulation
  • BC BREAK: All errors thrown by CasperJS core are of the new CasperError type
  • BC BREAK: removed obsolete replaceFunctionPlaceholders()
  • Deprecated: Casper.extend() method has been deprecated; use natural javascript extension mechanisms instead (see samples)
  • added $ casperjs test command for running split test suites
  • can now perform HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and HEAD operations
  • commonjs/nodejs-like module exports implementation
  • ported nodejs' events module to casperjs; lots of events added, plus some value filtering capabilities
  • introduced the mouse module to handle native Webkit mouse events
  • added support for RegExp input in Casper.resourceExists()
  • added printing of source file path for any uncaught exception printed onto the console
  • added an emulation of stack trace printing (but PhantomJS will have to upgrade its javascript engine for it to be fully working though)

Please check the updated documentation.

2011-12-25, v0.4.2

  • merged PR #30 - Add request method and request data to the base64encode() method (@jasonlfunk)
  • casperjs executable now gracefully exists on KeyboardInterrupt
  • added method, for downloading any resource and save it onto the filesystem

2011-12-21, v0.4.1

  • fixed #31 - replaced bash executable script by a Python one

2011-12-20, v0.4.0

  • first numbered version