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#doc.php doc.php is a PHP application that mimics a file explorer. Using html5 to display audio and video and PHP markdown by Michel Fortin to parse these files into a simple but interactive file browser.

A live example is avaiable here

doc.php was created by @makepanic.

##What does it do?

  • parse files the way you want
  • limits the access to a defined root folder
  • individual rules for extensions
  • displays .info files inside the filemanager


  1. download doc.php from github.
  2. extract index.php , config.php and the lib folder on your php enabled server
  3. create a subfolder for your filesystem, default:docphp
  4. copy all the files you want to use in doc.php into the created folder

##Default extensions

  • PDF - pdf Portable Document Format via embed object
  • Audio - wav,mp3,ogg Using html5 audio with a inline player that checks for compatibility
  • Code - php,js,java,vb,cs,html,css Display the code with pre and escape html chars
  • Image - jpg,jpeg,gif,png,apng,bmp Display images
  • Video - mp4,wma,webm,ogv Display a html5 video player

###Additional Config open config.php and modify the define() commands if you want

DOC_TITLE:   		default: 'doc.php'
			 		this string sets the title of the navigation bar
ROOT_DIR:	 		default: 'docs'
			 		this string sets the root folder for your docphp presentation
MAX_NAV :	 		default: '4'
			 		maximum number of breadcrumbs to dispay in the top navigation
SHORTEN_NAV: 		default: '15'
			 		maximum number of characters in the top navigation per folder
THEME:   	 		default: 'light'
			 		this string sets the title of the navigation bar
			 		choose between 'dark' and 'light'
SHOW_EXTENSIONS:   	default: 'false'
					enable if you want to display file extensions

###License WTFPL