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Process! is a very simple programming environment that let you execute Processing sketches (see It basically runs a Webkit engine that loads processing.js (see Everything that runs fine under processing.js will run fine in Process!. The application is based on PySide (see

Btw: Process! runs fine on Nokia Maemo devices, aka N900, N950 and N9.


When you start Process! a text edit field with some example Processing code appear. You can start to edit the code instantly. Whenever you think the code is done, just press the Button "Run" and the application will try to execute your code.

To get back to the code editor just press and hold the left mouse button within the Processing sketch. Or tap and hold on touchscreens.

You have to install PySide to start Process!. Then just type:

$ python process

Add the command line argument -f to start in fullscreen mode. The latter only works well when OpenGL is supported on your system.


You may find several example files in the folder examples. All of them are standard Processing sketches that run fine in Process!. Just use Copy and Paste to transfer the code into the Process! code editor.

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