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Angular boilerplate with ES6 support

A simple JSON feed reader.


  1. Install Node.js:
  2. Install packages in root folder of the app: npm i

Run the development server

Just run the default gulp task:

# `gulp`

This will transpile and copy the development files from src to build. The app is then available on localhost, port 4242


Development rationale

  • The goal was to keep the list of dependencies and gulp tasks low, while still trying to keep useful functionality. I did not use a ngAnnotate/minification/uglification workflow for example. On the other hand jshint is useful even for this small app.
  • The gulp copy tasks are kept as simple as possible, in a real app that should be elaborated, for example in a gulp-usemin workflow.
  • I use browserify/babelify to transpile from ES2015, as it keeps the tasks in gulp small and readable. Source maps provide info for debugging.
  • In my Angular apps I normally use one directory for each "site section", or "site components" (not Angular component in this case) ( In this case I see the RSS viewer as one section, so the code for this part is in one folder, in the components folder.
  • I use one Angular component to display the entries and one service to load the entries. A simple model provides access to the data. The model also stores the info about which post is a favorite post.
    • When data is loaded I use promises.
    • Error handling is missing.
    • As development web server I use gulp-connect with live reload.