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Microsoft Office Installer Cache

Purpose: Downloads Office installer packages from the Office CDN to a shared folder
Usage: InstallerCache --CachePath:<path> [--CheckInterval:<minutes>] [--PurgeOldInstallers]
Example: InstallerCache --CachePath:/Volumes/web --CheckInterval:60

The shared folder path needs to be exposed as a web folder, such as http://webserver/folder
Clients can install packages by navigating to a URL, such as http://webserver/folder/InstallWord
Web install points created by the tool:

  • /InstallMAU

  • /InstallOffice

  • /InstallWord

  • /InstallExcel

  • /InstallPowerPoint

  • /InstallOutlook

  • /InstallOneNote

  • /InstallOffice2016

  • /InstallWord2016

  • /InstallExcel2016

  • /InstallPowerPoint2016

  • /InstallOutlook2016

  • /InstallOneNote2016

  • /InstallOneDrive

  • /InstallSkypeBusiness

  • /InstallCompanyPortal

  • /InstallRemoteDesktop