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#It is called unsafe so most people stay away from this
#But this script is safe to use if you are trying to publish Lift Framework to sonatype
#as a release version (including Milestones and RC's
## This scripts runs on mac's bash terminal
# Exit on any errors and on unbound vars to be safe
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
BUILDLOG=/tmp/Lift-do-release-`date "+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S"`.log
# This script is an attempt to automate the Lift release process
# From Indrajit, the steps on each module (superbuild, framework, examples) are:
# 1. git checkout -b <version>
# 2. ./liftsh 'set project.version <version>'
# 3. Edit project/plugins/Plugins.scala to change the version of lift-sbt
# 4. git commit -v -a -m "Prepare for <version>"
# 5. git push origin <version>
# 6. git tag <version>-release
# 7. git push origin <version>-release
# 8. LIFTSH_OPTS="-Dpublish.remote=true -Dsbt.log.noformat=true" ./liftsh clean-cache clean-plugins reload +clean-lib +update +clean +publish
# 9. Wait for happiness
##### Utility functions (break these out into an include?) #####
# Basically yes/no confirmation with customized messages
# Usage: confirm "prompt"
# Returns 0 for yes, 1 for no
function confirm {
while read -p "$1 [yes/no] " CONFIRM; do
case "`echo $CONFIRM | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]`" in
return 0
return 1
echo "Please enter yes or no"
function debug {
#echo $@
echo -n ""
function die {
echo $@
exit 1
# Locate our base directory (taken from
# if the script was started from the base directory, then the
# expansion returns a period
if test "$SCRIPT_DIR" == "." ; then
# if the script was not called with an absolute path, then we need to add the
# current working directory to the relative path of the script
elif test "${SCRIPT_DIR:0:1}" != "/" ; then
echo -e "\n*********************************************************************"
echo -e "SCRIPT_DIR is ${SCRIPT_DIR}"
echo -e "\n*********************************************************************"
##### End Utility Functions #####
echo -e "\n*********************************************************************"
printf "* Lift Full Release build script version %-26s *\n" "$SCRIPTVERSION"
#echo "* Default choices for prompts are marked in capitals *"
printf "*********************************************************************\n\n"
echo -e "Build output logged to $BUILDLOG\n"
# CouchDB will blow up with HTTP proxy set because it doesn't correctly interpret the return codes
set +o nounset
if [ ! -z "${http_proxy}" -o ! -z "${HTTP_PROXY}" ]; then
echo -e "CouchDB tests will fail with http_proxy set! Please unset and re-run.\n"
set -o nounset
# First, let's confirm that we really want to release...
confirm "Are you certain you want a release build?" || die "Cancelling release build."
echo -e "\nProceeding...\n"
# Now we need to know what version we're releasing
read -p "Please enter the version of the release: " RELEASE_VERSION
# Sanity check on the release version
if ! echo $RELEASE_VERSION | egrep -x '[0-9]+\.[0-9]+(-(M|RC)[0-9]+)?' > /dev/null; then
confirm "$RELEASE_VERSION does not appear to be a valid version. Are you sure?" ||
die "Cencelling release build!"
# Perform a sanity check on the modules first
for MODULE in framework ; do
echo "We cd'ed into `pwd`"
# ensure that we're on master, and that we're up-to-date
CURRENT_BRANCH=`git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'`
debug "Current branch for $MODULE is $CURRENT_BRANCH"
if [ "${CURRENT_BRANCH}" != "master" ]; then
echo "Currently releases can only be built from master. $MODULE is on branch $CURRENT_BRANCH. Aborting build."
# ensure that we don't have any outstanding changes
if git status | grep -q "Changes not staged for commit" ; then
die "There are outstanding changes in $MODULE. Aborting build."
echo "All changes are committed, moving on"
echo -e "\nPre-build tests passed. Initiating release build of LiftWeb version $RELEASE_VERSION\n"
# For the remaining modules, we follow indrajit's steps outlined above
for MODULE in framework ; do
echo -e "\nStarting build on $MODULE module"
cd ${SCRIPT_DIR}/${MODULE} || die "Could not change to $MODULE directory!"
git checkout -b ${RELEASE_VERSION} >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Error creating work branch!"
./liftsh ";set version in ThisBuild := \"${RELEASE_VERSION}\" ; session save " >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Could not update project version in SBT!"
git commit -v -a -m "Prepare for ${RELEASE_VERSION}" >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Could not commit project version change!"
#git push origin ${RELEASE_VERSION} >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Could not push project version change!"
git tag ${RELEASE_VERSION}-release >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Could not tag release!"
#git push origin ${RELEASE_VERSION}-release >> ${BUILDLOG} || die "Could not push release tag!"
# Do a separate build for each configured Scala version so we don't blow the heap
for SCALA_VERSION in $(grep crossScalaVersions build.sbt | cut -d '(' -f 2 | sed s/[,\)\"]//g ); do
echo -n " Building against Scala ${SCALA_VERSION}..."
if ! ./liftsh ++${SCALA_VERSION} clean update test publish-local >> ${BUILDLOG} ; then
echo "failed! See build log for details"
echo "complete"
echo "Build complete for module ${MODULE}"
echo -e "\n\nRelease complete!"
echo -e "\n\nPlease update the lift_sbt_2.5 templates!"
echo -e "\n\nand write something about this release on the site."