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Listen for incoming messages from android-notifier and pass them to a notification application
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Android Receiver


Listen for broadcast messages from android-notifer coming over a specific port. Parse the message, format it, and hand it off for display.

This was done mostly as a learning exercise in C.


git clone
cd android-receiver

This will compile the android-receiver binary in the current directory. Put it somewhere in $PATH.


android-receiver [ --port <port> ] --handler <handler>

Port is optional and defaults to 10600. The handler you specify will be called asynchronously with the formatted message as the first and only argument.

You can find an example handler using dzen under ./bin.


My machine is setup to block TCP broadcast packets as per Arch's "Simple stately firewall". Rather than change this setting, I've elected to setup the notifier app on my phone to send a UDP packet to a specific IP address instead.

That is what this program expects.

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