Interface to run HUnit tests via Cabal 1.16
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Interface for running HUnit tests via Cabal 1.16.

DEPRECATED: I no longer use this, and very much prefer HSpec. Therefore:

  • You will see no active development here, though I'm happy to merge PRs
  • I will not be publishing this to Hackage, though I'd be fine with someone else doing so


git clone ... && cd ... && cabal install


Add a suite to your cabal file:

Test-Suite test-your-thing
    type:          detailed-0.9
    test-module:   Test.YourTestModule
    build-depends: base
                 , Cabal
                 , HUnit
                 , cabal-test-hunit

Write some tests in Test.YourTestModule:

import Test.HUnit

import qualified Distribution.TestSuite as C
import qualified Distribution.TestSuite.HUnit as H

tests :: IO [C.Test]
tests = return $ map (uncurry H.test) testCases

testCases :: [(String, Test)]
testCases = [("Truth tests", truthTest)]

truthTest :: Test
truthTest = TestCase $ assertEqual "True is true" True True

Run them:

cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal build
cabal test

Prior work

An early version of this module, written by Thomas Tuegel in 2010, can be found in this darcs repo.

This file shares no code with that one, as the changes in Cabal 1.16 required it be entirely rewritten. I've retained Thomas' LICENSE but removed his copyright; I hope that's appropriate.