pbrisbin.com source code, using the Yesod haskell web framework
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Note: I don't use this anymore. I've transitioned my blog to a statically generated site, the source of which can be found here.

pbrisbin dot com

The source code for my site which is powered by the Yesod web framework, written in haskell.

Simple blog site. Markdown-driven, comments, post administration.

Try it

I don't claim this will work, but anyway...

First, create the database specified in config/postgresql.yml.

$ git clone https://github.com/pbrisbin/devsite && cd ./devsite
$ cabal install --dry-run --verbose # make sure you don't end up in 
                                    # dependency hell
$ yesod devel

Notes to would-be forkers

  1. This site typically requires the newest possible version of the yesod package set (and sometimes even git HEAD)

  2. The various non-standard dependencies in the cabal file are -any versioned. This may or may not lead to breakage in your environment.