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Downgrade packages in Arch Linux
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Eases downgrading packages in Arch Linux.


Downgrade some packages, checking both local cache and the A.R.M.:

$ downgrade foo bar

Downgrade a package, looking in only local cache:

$ NOARM=1 downgrade foo

Downgrade a package, looking in only the A.R.M.:

$ NOCACHE=1 downgrade foo

Downgrade a package, looking only in local cache, and favoring su over sudo even when sudo is available:

$ NOARM=1 NOSUDO=1 downgrade foo


If downgrade fails silently, it may be because the service which provides older packages is down. There's nothing I can do about this, but you can at least verify that that's the case:

  • Run your command as bash -x downgrade
  • Note the curl command it invokes
  • Manually invoke that curl command without the --fail --silent switches
  • You should now see the actual problem

When this happens, we have nothing to do but wait. If it goes on too long, or appears that it'll never come back, we'll have to rewrite to use other sources.

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