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Vagrant box with GHC, Haskell platform and the Heroku toolbelt.
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ARCHIVED: This project has been Archived. I just develop natively with Stack now. Even if I didn't, I think Docker is now a better solution than Vagrant anyway. Cheers!

A vagrant box for working on Haskell projects.


A fork of puffnfresh's bitbucket project which was based largely off John Bender's blog post and project.


  • Added apt recipe to get things working
  • Default shared directory (see Usage)

Planned changes

  • Automate cabal update
  • Remove heroku toolbelt (do that stuff in the host OS)
  • Networking settings for viewing yesod apps from host OS


From within your haskell project directory:

# Add this project as a submodule
$ git submodule add ./vm
$ git submodule update --init

# Enter the submodule, bring up the VM, and SSH in
$ cd ./vm
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

# Within the VM update cabal (not strictly necessary, but a good idea)
[guest]$ cabal update
[guest]$ cabal install cabal-install

# Navigate to the shared sources and build your project
[guest]$ cd /app
[guest]$ cabal install