A no-color scheme for vim
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Highlighting in diff files is essential.  This minimal solution uses
vimdiff highlighting groups.  So it will be messy to compare two diffs.
But it's pretty rare case.
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This is very much a work in progress

For a number of weeks, I ran vim with syntax off. It was quite nice, with only two annoyances:

  • Bright white on jet black was a bit off-putting.
  • There were cases when I did miss the lack of color, vimdiff for example.

Therefore, I aimed to find or create a colorscheme to solve these two issues.

The result is very much based on the pencil colorscheme, which is surprising because it's a very colorful colorscheme, but:

  • It uses a very sane approach to defining and setting colors
  • It has nice background and foreground colors
  • In the areas where I do want color, I like how it colors things


Slightly out of date, not super exciting...


  • Use Vundle
  • Add "pbrisbin/vim-colors-off" as a plugin


:colorscheme off

Supports both background=light and background=dark.