Show and connect to wifi networks right from your openbox menu
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Wifi pipe

Scan for available networks and present them (along with strength and security info) directly in your openbox menu. Click to connect.


This script is called once when the menu is initiated (sudo wifi-pipe <interface>); it parses the output of iwlist <interface> scan and formats the xml structure required to display the lines in your menu.

Each menu entry gets assigned a command which will recall this script (sudo wifi-pipe <interface> connect <essid>); when clicked, that command will do the required profile setup and network connection via netcfg.

You can test these commands individually in a terminal if you find something's not working.


  • netcfg

For doing the actual connecting.

  • zenity

For entering passwords when required.

  • A NOPASSWD entry for this script

Since the script requires root but is called directly from the window manager's environment using sudo, you'll have no chance to enter a password.

username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /path/to/wifi-pipe
  • An entry for it in your menu.xml

An example menu.xml is included in this repo.


I no longer use this; it may or may not work. If you actively use it and need something fixed or changed, please open an issue here. I'll try to get to it when I can -- be prepared to help me test fixes.

Also, if anyone could send me some screenshots of this in action, I'd love to include them in this README. I'm not motivated enough to start up an openbox instance to get my own :).