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Yesod markdown

A small wrapper over pandoc's powerful Markdown -> Html support with usage tailored for Yesod.

import Yesod.Markdown

This is a fork and continuation of a package originally by Alexander Dunlap.

Differences include:

  1. Updated to compile with newer dependencies
  2. Removed Yesod.Markdown.Macros
  3. Fixed and exported form field settings for Markdown fields
  4. Uses xss-sanitize by default and provides *Trusted functions to skip it


getPageR :: FilePath -> Handler RepHtml
getPageR fp = do
    content <- liftIO $ fmap markdownToHtml (markdownFromFile fp)

    defaultLayout do
            <div class="content">


$ cabal install
$ cabal install yesod warp
$ runhaskell Test.hs
$ $BROWSER http://localhost:3000
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