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#ifndef MODEL_H
#define MODEL_H
#include "config.h"
#include <SDL/SDL_opengl.h>
typedef struct object_group object_group;
struct object_group {
object_group *next;
object_group *child;
GLint ind_count;
GLint ind_start;
GLfloat translate[3];
GLfloat color[3];
char mod;
typedef struct {
GLushort *ind;
GLfloat *vec;
GLint ind_count;
GLint vec_count;
GLuint ind_vbo;
GLuint vec_vbo;
object_group *group;
} sprite_model;
extern sprite_model model_farmer;
extern sprite_model model_duck;
extern sprite_model model_ladder;
extern sprite_model model_wall;
extern sprite_model model_egg;
extern sprite_model model_grain;
extern sprite_model model_lift;
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