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Wolfenstein 3D (embedded)
This is a port of Wolfenstein 3D to the Stellaris LM3S6965EVB
microcontroller development board.
A Linux/SDL binary can be build by setting
at the start of the Makefile.
A fair amount hacking was involved, including removal of "optional" features
(Menus, Demos, etc), conversion to 4-bit greyscale, lossy compression of
wall textures, integration of graphics into the application binary, and
a single use/fire button.
Only the shareware version has been tested.
To build you will need to original game data, specifically:
These files are still subject to the original licence, so the resulting
binary may not be redistributable.
In theory removing the EMBEDDED define form version.h may restore the
original game, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Paul Brook