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#ifndef __ID_CA_H__
#define __ID_CA_H__
/* ======================================================================== */
#ifdef UPLOAD
#define NUMMAPS 10
#define NUMMAPS 60
#define MAPPLANES 2
typedef struct
myint planestart[2];
umyshort planelength[2];
myint planestart[3];
myint planelength[3];
myint width, height;
} maptype;
/* ======================================================================== */
extern myint mapon;
typedef byte ms0;
extern ms0 mapseg0[64 * 64];
extern const byte *const MapPlane[NUMMAPS * 2];
extern const maptype mapheaderseg[NUMMAPS];
extern maptype *mapheaderseg[NUMMAPS];
extern byte *audiosegs[NUMSNDCHUNKS];
/* ======================================================================== */
boolean CA_LoadFile(const char *filename, memptr *ptr);
boolean CA_WriteFile(const char *filename, const void *ptr, long length);
void CA_Startup();
void CA_Shutdown();
void CA_CacheAudioChunk(myint chunk);
void CA_UnCacheAudioChunk(myint chunk);
void CA_LoadAllSounds();
void CA_CacheMap(myint mapnum, myint plane);
void CA_CacheGrChunk(myint chunk);
void CA_UnCacheGrChunk(myint chunk);
memptr CA_GetChunk(myint chunk);
/* ======================================================================= */
typedef word pool_id;
void MM_Startup();
void MM_Shutdown();
void MM_GetPtr(memptr *baseptr, unsigned long size);
memptr MM_AllocPool(pool_id *id, unsigned long size);
void MM_FreePtr(memptr *baseptr);
void MM_SetPurge(memptr *baseptr, myint purge);
void MM_SetLock(memptr *baseptr, boolean locked);
#define PMPageSize 4096
typedef struct {
umyshort offset; /* Offset of chunk into file, >> 8 */
myshort length; /* Length of the chunk */
} PageListStruct;
extern const myint PMSpriteStart, PMSoundStart;
extern const PageListStruct PMPages[];
extern pool_id PageAddr[];
extern const uint32_t grstarts[NUMCHUNKS + 1];
extern const byte *const RomChunks[];
extern const byte WallData[];
extern const byte WallChunks[];
extern myint ChunksInFile, PMSpriteStart, PMSoundStart;
extern PageListStruct *PMPages;
extern pool_id *PageAddr;
#define PM_GetSoundPage(v) PM_GetPage(PMSoundStart + (v))
#define PM_GetSpritePage(v) PM_GetPage(PMSpriteStart + (v))
extern const byte *const SpriteChunks[];
#define PM_GetSpritePage(v) SpriteChunks[v]
memptr PM_GetPage(myint pagenum);
void PM_Startup();
void PM_Shutdown();