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#ifndef __ID_US_H__
#define __ID_US_H__
#define MaxHighName 57
#define MaxScores 7
typedef struct {
char name[MaxHighName + 1];
myint score;
myint completed, episode;
} HighScore;
#define MaxString 128 // Maximum input string size
extern word PrintX,PrintY; // Current printing location in the window
extern word WindowX,WindowY,// Current location of window
WindowW,WindowH;// Current size of window
#define USL_MeasureString VW_MeasurePropString
#define USL_DrawString VW_DrawPropString
extern HighScore Scores[];
void US_Startup(),
US_InitRndT(boolean randomize),
US_DrawWindow(word x,word y,word w,word h),
US_PrintCentered(const char *s),
US_CPrint(const char *s),
US_CPrintLine(const char *s),
US_Print(const char *s),
US_PrintUnsigned(longword n);
boolean US_LineInput(myint x,myint y,char *buf,const char *def,boolean escok,
myint maxchars,myint maxwidth);
myint US_RndT();