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@iMartyn iMartyn Linked to the version with the silkscreen added 1b95e9f
@syberphunk syberphunk There was a spelling error that I noticed... for now 6c59ceb
@syberphunk syberphunk Slight formatting cf26c75
@syberphunk syberphunk Added windows support information/links 8c57734
@yarekt yarekt Added installation instructions for OSX 6dbcb4f
@pbrook pbrook Not-really-blinky 7451271
@pbrook pbrook Update pin diagram 9821c32
@pbrook pbrook Pin 7 now usable edfb453
@pbrook pbrook PWM is done f74dc86
@pbrook pbrook Add pin diagram ab89752
@pbrook pbrook Mention analogue inputs ed31a9d
@pbrook pbrook Fix commandline formatting de08994
@pbrook pbrook Updated Home (markdown) 6b9a405
@pbrook pbrook Initial Commit b8dc48e
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